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Baojun 530 Service Manual
Baojun 530 Service Manual
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Baojun Troubleshooting & Fault Codes DTC
Baojun Troubleshooting & Fault Codes DTC
Baojun Troubleshooting & Fault Codes DTC
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Baojun E300
Baojun 510

History of SGMW Baojun Cars

Some BAOJUN Car Service Manuals PDF above the page, Fault Codes DTC, Troubleshooting.


SGMW's history takes an important turn when the joint venture launches a second brand alongside Wuling in 2012: Baojun.


While the Wuling MPV is still very close to light commercial vehicles, Baojun should produce genuine and affordable passenger cars.


And where Wuling is primarily linked to SAIC, Baojun is primarily part of GMC's strategy.


As stated, Daewoo became GM Korea and (together with Opel in Germany) was responsible for developing smaller and cheaper models.


Baojun is a brand that promotes GM Korea cars in China.


In the first half of the 2010s, Baojun introduced a full range of vehicles in the compact and subcompact segments, as well as a large minivan.


All of these cars are equipped with modern GM technology with front-wheel drive and a new platform.


Baojun clearly targets the budget segment and manages to achieve significant commercial success, although this does not apply to every model.


For example, the 2015 330 (subcompact sedan) is an extremely little-known car even by Chinese standards, with about 125 units sold.


In 2019, SGMW is making major changes to Baojun's strategy to strengthen its brand position.


Under the "New Baojun" nomenclature comes an entire line of products based on the all-new PATAC platform.


The biggest difference, however, is the introduction of the "Interstellar Geometry" design language (yes, they use fancy marketing language in China too), which makes the previously rather generic Baojun look much more modern.


The market reaction was hesitant at first and has remained tepid ever since.


Fortunately for SGMW, Wuling's expanding range of available vehicles is offsetting Baojun's slump in sales.


Since its inception, SGMW has not limited itself to China.


Within SAIC, it is a major exporter of automobiles and also has a manufacturing facility in Indonesia.


The main export markets are in Southeast Asia, but vehicles are also supplied to South America and CKD kits to Africa.


For example, the Baojun 530 is sold in some parts of Asia as the Wuling Almaz, but in India it is called the MG Hector and also sells a premium version, which is not available in the Chinese market.


In South America, the same car as the Chevrolet Captiva goes through life.


And the Baojun 630 sedan, which has been out of service in China for many years, is still supplied as the Chevrolet Optra with CKD kits and assembled in Egypt to several countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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