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Heron Owner Manual
Heron Owner Manual
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Heron MJ1 Wiring Diagram
Heron MJ1 Wiring Diagram
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Heron MJ1

History of HERON Cars

HERON Car Manual PDF & Wiring Diagram are above the page - MJ1.


Ross Baker founded the company in Rotorua in 1962. He started production of racing cars in 1965 at the latest. Between 1983 and 1990, street-legal automobiles were added. The brand name was Heron. 1999 ended the production


The Mk 1 of 1965 was similar to the Lotus 23 and had a four-cylinder engine from Ford with 1500 cc.


The following Mk 2 was designed for the inclusion of the six-cylinder boxer engine of the Chevrolet Corvair. However, the two manufactured vehicles then received V8 engines from the Daimler SP 250 and Ford.


In 1983, the MJ 1 was released. This was a two-seater coupe with a fiberglass body. A 4-cylinder Fiat engine with OHC valve control and a displacement of 1600 cc was located behind the mid-engine seats. The transmission had four gears. Model maintenance led to a larger engine with 2000 cc and a five-speed gearbox. By 1985, 24 vehicles were created. At this time was switched to an engine from the Ford Telstar or Mazda 626.


In 1989, the technically identical MJ 2 supplemented the assortment. The vehicle was a bit longer and could accommodate 2 + 2 seats

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