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History of Hudson Cars

HUDSON Car Wiring Diagrams above the page.


The history of the company "Hudson" dates back to 1909, when Roy Chapin (1880-1936) built his first car, calling it the name of his financier Joseph Hudson. "Hudson Motor Car Company" gained instant success and sold the first year of the 4000 cars.


"Hudson" has always been on a modest scale in terms of production in comparison with the "big three". 80,000 copies were released in 1941.


Model 1942, introduced in August 1941, had a new body and substantial technical improvements. These include semi-automatic gearbox with preselector "Drive Master". Until 5 February 1942, when the plant was forced to switch to war production, it was sold 46 661 1942 year model instance.


After three and a half years, 1 October 1945, new automobiles Hudson appeared at dealers, ahead of competitors in a couple of months.


Models 1946 and known as Super Commodore. They were issued with a six- or eight-cylinder inline engine capacity 3472 and 4165 cm3 and power of 102 and 128 liters. from. Cars are still going on heavy chassis but had an independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes.


The braking system "Automatik Plastics Duo" permitted in the case of failure of the hydraulic system to brake mechanically. The three-stage gearbox sinhronirovalis only the second and third gear.

The shift lever is placed on the steering column.


Clutch lining was made of cork and worked in an oil bath in the same way as in 1911 Hudson car of the year!


Naturally, the company "Hudson" designers worked hard to create a new model, and it appeared in November 1947. Its development has cost 16 million. Dollars. Low monocoque roof line hit. Until then, it was the norm to adjust the body under the chassis, the designers of the "Hudson" included load-bearing elements in the body structure. As a result, the car had a height of 1580 mm to 1800, 1700 and 1710 mm height of the car companies "Ford", "Chevrolet" and "Chrysler".


Hudson machines have become popular, and for 1948 118 621 copy was sold. 142,454 copies were released in the next year, and net income was a record 3,225,923 dollars, which the company "Hudson" never been able to achieve.

1952 Hudson Hornet

In 1951 he was presented a new model of Hornet. In fact, it was the Commodore car with a souped-up engine. Produced vehicles sedan, the club sedan and convertible. Engine cylinder capacity of 4930 cm3 developed capacity 146 liters. from. at 3800 rev / min. It was the biggest six-cylinder powerplant agragat manufactured by American auto industry, and the last nizhneklapannym engine. In addition to cars, the company "Hudson" are also manufactured parts for B47 bombers that participated in the Korean War.


The company "Hudson" has earned good money, fulfilling government contracts during World War II, but at the end of 1951 suffered losses of more than $ 1 million.. We had to change something, and it was decided vehicles in 1952 to give new names, so the model Super Six has turned into Wasp. To create a new market segment the company "Hudson" in 1952 released the Jet. For the Americans, it was a compact car that is more like Opel Olympia than Hudson.


Unfortunately, the model was too expensive, resulting in only a little more than 21 000 copies were sold in 1953. The following year, sales fell to 14 000, which was accompanied by a loss of tens of millions of dollars.


President of the "Nash" of George Mason held talks with Abraham barite since 1946, head of the company "Hudson". In order to better confront the "big three", he suggested a merger.


In 1946 Barite is not interested in the proposal as "Hudson" with success. Abraham Barite with the same proposal addressed to the company 'Nash' in January 1954, after which it was created "American Motors Corporation". The company "Hudson" she could not offer a new corporation, other than debts, and because business at the firm "Nash" was somewhat better, George Mason became the overall leader of the new company, and Abraham Barit - one of the directors.


Cars equipped with Hudson bodies "Nash" and sold as a Hudson Rembler, Wasp and Hornet. There was also a new model built for the company "Hudson" in Milan by "Turin". It was an attractive car, but only a few were sold. When Mason realized that the car was too expensive and big profits will not, he abandoned the project. "Hudson" Company continued to incur losses, and in the end decided to give Mason brand disappear.


The last car was assembled Hudson October 31, 1954 at the "Jefferson Avenue" in Detroit. The production was closed and workers laid off. In the interests of dealers Company "Nash" continued to produce cars Rembler with the logo "Hudson" on the radiator grille, but the company "Hudson" was gone.

After forty-five years also disappeared and the name "Nash".

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