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ROSSION Car Wiring Manual PDF

Rossion Q1 Wiring Service Manual
Rossion Q1 Wiring Service Manual
Rossion Q1 Wiring Service Manual.pdf
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Rossion Q1 Supercar
Rossion Q1 Supercar

Rossion Car History

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In 2003, the automobile company «Rossion» was founded in South Africa.


Engineers began work on the creation of the brand and the first model, which was based on the platform of the British supercar brand «Noble». And in 2007 it launched its first pre-test, which took place on the race track in South Africa and the UK, where it was shown one of the best times in the history of the Silverstone track.


In 2008, under the name of Rossion Q1, the model went in «Hi-Tech Automotive» production at the company's facilities. Under the hood, the model is located upgraded biturbo powerplant produced by American company "Ford" (Manuals page) and who had a power of 450 horsepower.