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Birkin Owner Manual
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Birkin System Wiring Diagrams
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Birikin Car History

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The history of the firm Birkin began with enthusiasm enthusiast John Watson cars of the British company Lotus. Especially attracted to his supercar Lotus Seven, manufactured in the form of a designer (the so-called kit-car), from which at least in the factory, even in an ordinary garage it was possible in some twenty hours to collect a furious car.


Having accumulated enough funds, the entrepreneur opened his first Birkin plant in the South African city of Pinetaun in 1982, named after Henry Tim Birkin, the legendary English rider of the 1920s. Initially, the company was designed to produce five cars a month. In the following years, the company's capabilities grew, and the company could already collect several cars per day.


In 1983, the company presented its replica of the legendary Lotus Seven 3-series 1968 - Birkin S3, which was similarly offered in ready-made form, and in the form of kits, as well as in the version prepared for amateur racing. Over time, unwound, John Watson opened several more points for the production of his offspring in Britain and Australia, causing this interest in the car already around the world.

Technical specs Birkin S3 Roadster


Engine: 1600 cc

The maximum power: 115 hp.

Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission

Drive: Rear

Dimensions of the body (length-width-height): 3500x1575x1060 mm

The equipped weight: 575 kg

Number of doors: 2

Number of beds: 2

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