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Weltmeister W5 Specs
Weltmeister W5 Specs
Weltmeister W5 Specs.pdf
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Weltmeister EX5-Z
Weltmeister EX5-Z

Features of Weltmeister EX5 Electric Crossover

There's XPENG Electric Car Manual PDF above the page.


The driving characteristics of the Weltmeister EX5 are quite good.


The electric car has a 217 hp electric motor. (160 kW) and torque 315 N*m.


This motor allows the electric car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 8. 5 seconds.


The battery has several options. The first and cheapest battery with a capacity of 48 kWh. It provides a power reserve of 300 km.


The second option is a 52. 5 kWh battery. It can travel up to 400 km.


The third is a battery with a capacity of 56. 9 kWh. It will allow you to travel 500 km on a single charge. And finally, the latest version EX5 Pro, released only in 2019, has a 59. 5 kWh battery.


The manufacturer claims that the electric car can be charged from a home network in 10 hours. And from a more powerful power source, the car will be charged by 50% in 40 minutes.


WM Motor has released the Living Pilot Level 2 intelligent driving system. It is a Class 2 automated driving system developed by WM Motor and Bosch.


The Living Pilot's main equipment is a monocular HD camera at the front, three millimeter wave radars, four panoramic cameras and twelve ultrasonic radars.


Living Pilot includes Traffic Jam Pilot, Integrated Cruise Assist, Automatic Parking Assist, plus Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist and other Level 1 features autopilot.

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