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ITALCAR T3 Parts Manual
ITALCAR T3 Parts Manual
ITALCAR T3 Parts Manual.pdf
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History of Italcar

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ItalCar Italian company for many years a strong position in the global market. In the 1980s, she worked as a distributor of electric vehicles from Melex companies in Europe. Then it was called Green Company Srl.


In the 1990s, the young company received support from the American insurance corporation Thor International Group, which was an important step in the further development of Green Company Srl. Soon Green Company Srl opens its own production of electric vehicles.


In the 2000s, the company explores the market trends and develops new electric models. This has helped the company become one of the most famous producers of environmentally friendly transport.


In 2005, the Green Company Srl was renamed ItalCar.


In 2008 it was completely stopped production of diesel vehicles and the main direction is the development and production of cars by electric motors.


ItalCar Company for many years a leader in the world among manufacturers of electric transport. Management takes care of the high quality of its products. Brand Model golf cars and electric vehicles are reliable, reasonable price and maneuverability. Vehicles are designed to allow you to meet any customer needs.

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