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Abarth 595
Abarth 595

Abarth Car History

The success story of «Abarth» company can serve as an example and role model for many aspiring automakers. In her piggy today more than 7500 records, among which there are the achievements and international, and even the World Plan.


   Born Carlo Abarth, created by the firm the Abarth, in Vienna and first experience with transport I received at the age of seventeen, when in Milan it hired Castagna company, specializing in designing chassis for bicycles and motor vehicles. Ten years later, Carl returned to Austria and having a great experience with motorcycles, the company gets a Motor Thun Motorcycle. In parallel with the main work, Karl enjoys the races, which often wins and eventually become a multiple champion of Europe.


   With the onset of World War II, so as not to jeopardize the career of the rider, Carlo moved to Italy. Known to the public under the name of Carlo Abarth, he continues to do what he likes, until the Yugoslav race does not get in a serious accident, after which have to be treated for three years. After the restoration of vitality, Carlo decides to stay in Yugoslavia, and starts cooperation with Ignazom Waugh. Partners are working to improve the engines, as well as change the fuel system of cars in such a way that it runs on kerosene. It is in this paper CarloAbarth gets professional experience, which is so useful in the future to him.


   At the end of World War II, Carl returned to Milan, where he collaborates with Rodolfo Hruska. Friend became of Charles's son Ferdinand Porsche - Ferry, whereby he gets a place in the company of his father. Since then, the Carlo and Rodolfo are the leaders of the branch in Italy Porshe. And after some time spent on the position of technical director and race car driver in the company of Pierre Cistalia Dusio, where he worked until 1949, after which it starts its job.


   Abarth, who at the time managed to earn a good condition and to become famous as a successful racing driver, is building its own plant in Italy. Proceedings of a small company only about forty people. Specializing in the production plant of car accessories and spare parts and components such as manifolds, transmissions, exhaust pipes, valves and so on. Revenues plant allows Abarth to continue to engage in auto racing.


The first was the brainchild of the company's sports roadster Abarth 1100. Behind the wheel of the car company's founder personally participated in several competitions, winning nearly two dozen wins.


In 1950, Carlo Abarth presented at the Turin Motor Show car Abarth 204. He could boast upgraded engine of «Fiat» volume of 1.09 l in which two carburetors have been set, magneto ignition, upper tubes, as well as special exhaust pipes. The maximum speed of the car has become very high for the time mark of 190 km / h. It was the first fruit of cooperation between the two firms, which lasted for decades. During this time, «Abarth» had a short-term contract with «Alfa Romeo» and «Simca», but partnerships with «Fiat» was never interrupted.


   Abarth Cars win many races. Their technical characteristics are superior to the competition and encouraged by the owners of Fiat, in order to motivate the company to new ideas to improve their cars, paying good money to the company Abarth for each prize.

Abarth 695
Abarth 695