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Brand ZX is focused on the presentation of off-road vehicles and parts to them. The company is based in China, thanks to high-tech production process, in the year can be made up to one hundred and ten thousand cars. In addition, a special research center opened on the basis of the company, so the company is a leader in its industrial sector.


Chinese cars to off-road mobility, as well as pickup trucks manufactured by the ZX, are currently being implemented not only within the country but also far to Europe, Asia and the United States.


Release arranged in four production lines, one of which is an automated one hundred percent, and it is a welding step. For painting art modern paints are used, as well as primers, which are designed for maximum protection of metal from the effects of acids and atmosphere. This process is also done automatically.


Top build quality allows us to speak about the reliability of aggregates. So, evidenced by a sample of international certificates, as well as exports, even in countries with more closed import ways, such as Saudi Arabia or Iraq also. Egypt accepted the terms of the brand also for the passage of certain testing techniques.

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