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Almac Clubsprint XL build manual
Almac Clubsprint XL build manual
Almac Clubsprint XL build manual.pdf
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Almac Clubsprint

History of ALMAC Cars

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Of course, first of all, New Zealand buys Australian cars, and also manufactures and assembles them under license. But there are in this green land of hobbits and wizards their own, very interesting brands.


Heron existed in New Zealand from 1962 to 1999 and built small series of sports cars and kit cars using a number of borrowed components, including those from Lotus.


Almac has been producing kit cars since 1984 and to this day - both with bodies of its own design, and copies of the classic Lotus 7 and AC Cobra.


Chevron has been a manufacturer and supplier of racing chassis and components since 1980, but at various times it has tried to make cars for the public road as well.


Fraser Clubman is the main and only model of the small New Zealand company Fraser, a kit car based on the classic Lotus Seven.


Saker is a New Zealand supercar manufacturer. The company has existed since 1989, and since 2002 has a branch in the Netherlands.


Trekka is a small company that produced light utility vehicles based on the Skoda Octavia from 1966 to 1973.


Trekka is considered the only New Zealand production car in history - other brands are exclusively small-scale, hand-built.

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