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Riley One Point Five Workshop Manual
Riley One Point Five Workshop Manual
Riley One - Point -Five Workshop Manual.
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Riley RM Public Spares List
Riley RM Public Spares List
Riley RM Public Spares List.pdf
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Riley BMC Public Spares List May 2016
Riley BMC Public Spares List May 2016
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Riley Kestrel Saloon

History of Riley Cars

RILEY Car Manuals PDF above the page - One, BMC, RM.


The famous British entrepreneur William Riley, who has previously worked with textile manufacture, in 1890 decided to buy more profitable enterprise - a company Bonnick, letting out bikes.


In 1896 the company was restructured in the Riley Cycle Company Ltd. Help William Riley joined the company, and one of his sons - Percy. It was he who built the first automobile produced by the company.


The machine equipped with a single-cylinder engine with a positive drive of the intake valve. Interestingly, absolutely all parts of the engine, even the teeth of the gears, manufactured by hand. But this is the first model Riley never produced commercially.


In 1900 it was released model Royal Riley - a three-wheeled carriage with De Dion-Buton engine. The lead was back wheel and two front - operated. In 1904, another model was constructed. The engine developed a new Percy Riley, but the car was assembled by Riley Engine Company, which created the other sons of William Riley.


A three-wheeled car was produced until 1907, but even in 1905 Percy designed a four-wheeled vehicle with the engine taken from the previous model. For their vehicles  Riley used spitsovanye lightweight wheels with central fixing nut. These wheels soon became a separate species is expanding its range of products of the company.


In 1907, the 5-seater car Riley 12 / 18NR was presented. Engine V2 volume of 2 liter was placed in front. In 1909 he released a model 10NR equipped with V2 engine working volume of 1.4 liters. This unit was developed by Stanley Riley.


In 1911 Bicycle production was discontinued, and the company was named Riley Limited, Coventry. However, the founder of the William focused on the production of wheels, and his sons organized a company for production of cars - Riley Motor Manufacturing Company.


First released by this company, car model became Riley 17NR equipped with 4-cylinder engine in volume of almost 3 liters.


The car was presented at the Auto Show in London in 1913. At the same time it opened another company - Nero Engine Company, the founders of which were made by Stanley and Victor Riley. This company started to collect the car 10NR whose volume was 1.1 liter engine. But production was quickly suspended due to the outbreak of the WW1.


In 1914, the brothers also purchased Riley plant not far from Coventry - in a small town Foulskhill. At the same plants Riley family shifted to the production of munitions.

After the WW1, a new plant in Foulskhille production became the center of family companies Riley, who in 1919, moreover, united. Riley Limited, stopping the production of wheels, joined the Nero Engine Company


Riley Motor Manufacturing Company was restructured in Midland Motor Body Company, and chose to engage in the production of bodies. Older plants have remained in the ownership of the company Riley Engine, which after the war started to produce car models Riley 17 / 30NR.


In the same 1919 Riley Limited unveiled the car 10,8NR, installed engine of 1.5 liter side-valve power 35 horsepower.


In 1923 there was a sports model 10,8NR - Redwing. At the same time, Riley Engine Company and Percy Riley favored production of ship engines, but in 1926 developed a new model of Nine, or 9NR. Motor vehicle was equipped with a 4-cylinder, twin overhead camshafts and hemispherical combustion chambers, and its volume was 1.1 liters.


In addition, the engine is characterized by a rigid crankshaft that rotates at 2 bearings. Generally, the cylinder block was small. Power of the unit is 35 hp, and the maximum car speed reached 105 km / h.


Following this model, the company has converted Riley Limited 10,8NR engine models, also providing it with spherical combustion chambers and the head of the company's production of cylinder Ricardo. After a lot of improvements car was called 11 / 40NR and produced only until 1928.


Riley Engine Company also upgraded its model Nine: was released sporty Brooklands, Kestrel car sedan, as well as the first car with a luggage compartment that is opened from inside the car, from the interior, - Monaco. By the way, the name of the Brooklands car has received as a result of winning the race in Bruklende.


In 1929 appeared Nine car equipped with 6-cylinder engine capacity of 1.6 liters - 14,6NR. In addition, some parts have been strengthened cars: suspension springs, spars and brakes. In 1931 at the London Motor Show the company introduced another sports model - Plus Ultra Nine.


In 1931, all firms Riley family united under the leadership of the company Riley Limited. After that produces many different models with engines equipped with four and six cylinders. It was the Falcon aero, made in the sedan, sports Imp model, Gamecock, Lynx and Sprite.


It was 1,5L model - in 1957, the last car designed by designers Riley was released. But gradually individual development poured into the other models of the entire group, and in the early 1960s, Riley company has ceased to exist. Over time the brand became the property of the BMW.

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