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Dadi Car History

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Dadi - a brand whose production facilities are located in China, Hebei Province. Under this brand being production sports cars, pickups, trucks, capable of carrying even a large-capacity loads. The company is doing everything possible to all vehicles, under this trademark, were of high quality and was comfortable to repair after damage.


The company has received a certificate for quality management, which is already a high estimate for innovation. Plants have a new line for the production of parts and assembly of cars: stamping, welding, painting.


There is also a test unit for the new production plant of this trademark. Thanks to him, the cars can match the standards of safety for drivers and passengers. The company has its own network for the sale of cars. An extensive network allows us to sell products in sixty countries around the world.


The company is developing at a faster pace, which made it possible to invest in the production of cars a lot of money. As a result of these investments, plants are able to produce fifty thousand cars for the annual reporting period.


The company develops its own scientific potential. It allows for continuous innovation and implement radically new engineering solutions. This scientific basis is able to respond to the ever-changing tastes and preferences of the world market.


With this base to improve the technology, the company is able to compete with leading Chinese exporters, and other international manufacturers. The flexible system of management of the company, management is able to in time to see the discrepancy consumer demands products, to develop a solution as quickly as possible and to implement it into production.


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