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UMM Car Owner Manual PDF

UMM 4x4 user manual
UMM 4x4 user manual
umm 4x4 user manual.pdf
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UMM Alter II

UMM Cars Lineup

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UMM 4x4 Cournil (1977–1979)


UMM 4x4 (1979–1984)


UMM Alter 4x4 (1985)


UMM Alter II (1986–1994)


UMM Alter 2000 (2000–2004)


These severe mountain UMM SUVs have been doing for almost forty years and they have been sold so little that many residents have never seen a single one in their entire life.


And no one can tell exactly how many such cars were assembled and sold. Today, they occasionally come across in deaf villages and collectors. The car is completely clumsy, which should be a utilitarian jeep.


Inside (and outside, too), he is a lot like the Land Rover Defender. Despite its unpretentiousness, this is a very serious SUV.


The whole history of the plant is ups and downs. Many times the production began, and then suddenly stopped due to lack of demand. So until the next model. Which was also unsuccessful, they sold several hundred pieces and folded. All models are visually similar to each other.

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