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REZVANI Beast Alpha Brochure
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History of Rezvani Cars

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The American company Rezvani Motors is one of the world's youngest car manufacturers.


The company's office is located in California, and its founder is Iranian-born Fardis Rezvani, who decided a few years ago to organize his own production of sports supercars.


To date, Rezvani Motors has only one development, the Rezvani Beast sports supercar, based on another Ariel Atom sports car.


This development makes it clear that at the moment the company does not have sufficient experience and capabilities to create its own chassis and full cycle of car development, and is limited to body work, paying special attention to the use of carbon in the design.


It is worth noting that the company Rezvani Motors is a fairly original manufacturer with an unusual selection of managers.


Sadykov is the main developer of the only model so far. This specialist worked for some time in the staff of the famous Italian company Lamborghini, and participated in the development of such models as the supercar Lamborghini Aventador and the promising SUV Lamborghini Urus.


Time will tell how cloudless the future of Rezvani Motors will be, so far we can say that the first pancake from the American manufacturer failed, and the Beast machine has certain prospects for commercial success.


Country Rezvani Motors: USA

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