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Haval H2 owner manual
Haval H2 owner manual
Haval H2 owner manual.pdf
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Haval Н9 owner manual
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Haval H2 Wiring Diagrams
Haval H2 Wiring Diagrams
Haval H2 Wiring Diagrams.pdf
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Haval Car Brand History

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Haval is a car brand belonging to the Chinese company Great Wall (Manuals ODF page). It is a continuation of the development of the SUV line, the first representative of which, an SUV under the Hover brand, appeared in 2006.


The history of Haval as an independent brand began recently, in 2013. Then in Beijing, the company announced that the Hover brand, under which Great Wall Motors Corporation produces off-road vehicles, will implement a new strategy. Under the slogan "Overcome a million." To set off on a new path "was released a million SUV, and the brand decided to conquer Europe.


The history of the appearance of Haval is the release by Great Wall of its first SUV. This happened in 2005. The car was manufactured under the Hover brand. It became the first car to export to Europe: the company drove to Italy 30 000 copies.


The car quickly became popular in the domestic Chinese and Asian markets. This contributed to the low price and a full frame structure. In addition, the carmaker did not hesitate to borrow everything that attracted him to other cars. For example, the appearance of the first Hover almost copied Isuzu (PDF Manuals page) Axiom, the chassis was borrowed from Toyota (Manuals page) 4Runner, and the power unit was supplied by Mitsubishi (PDF Manuals).

In 2005, the automaker received an award for the production of this SUV - "The Car of the Year of the National CCTV Brand". The following year, the brand, the first among the Chinese auto companies, used for the manufacture of Hover technology of electronic control of a high-pressure fuel system. This made the car much more economical, the popularity began to be typed diesel SUV.


In 2005, Hover enters the Russian market and becomes popular. This contributed to the excellent dynamic qualities of the car, its practicality and unpretentiousness. Since the Russian market was one of the priorities of the Chinese automaker, he immediately began to think about organizing the production of his models here.


In 2006, Hover was already assembled at an enterprise in the village of Gzhel near Moscow. As the Russian public gets to know Hover, interest in him grows. So, in 2005, when the model only appeared in Russia, sales amounted to 112 units, in 2006 - 492 units, and in 2007 - already 2,375 units.


In 2011, the company produces an updated version of the SUV, which received the prefix H3. This car was aimed at conquering the European market, to which it came out under the name Haval. The new version was still based on the Toyota 4Runner platform, but it got a completely different appearance, which did not repeat the design of the competitors. Italian designers worked on the exterior.


In the car there was a new front grille and optics, which gave it a more solid and formidable look. The machine is rich in equipment and high comfort of the cabin due to the use of high-quality materials for its finishing.


For some time, the updated crossover was produced under two brands. However, the company is gradually abandoning Hover in favor of Haval - a brand created with a focus on the European buyer.

In March 2013, the millionth Haval car was sold. In 2014, the Haval H2 debuted at the Beijing International Auto Show. This is a worthy representative of the line of economical urban crossovers, gaining popularity in connection with the rise in price of fuel. It is equipped with a small 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 105 hp. or a 1.5-liter turbo engine, developing 150 hp.


In the same year, the company finally refuses to develop the brand Hover. The first market in which the automaker officially introduced the brand Haval, became Russian. The presentation took place during the Moscow International Motor Show, where also models such as H2, H6, H8, H9, Coupe S.


The Haval H6 Coupe is a new generation of crossover with an elongated wheelbase, all-wheel drive, a load-bearing body and a new exterior. It is completed with one of two variants of the turbo engine: 2,0-liter petrol capacity of 197 hp. or 2.0-liter diesel, which develops 163 hp. The company intends to develop in this direction and soon abandon the release of budget crossover, focusing efforts on manufacturing economical city crossovers.