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Jinbei Sealions 6 User Manual
Jinbei Sealions 6 User Manual
Jinbei Sealions 6 User Manual.pdf
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Jinbei Xinhaishi User Manual
Jinbei Xinhaishi User Manual
Jinbei Xinhaishi User Manual.pdf
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Jinbei Geruisi User Manual
Jinbei Geruisi User Manual
Jinbei Geruisi User Manual.pdf
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Jinbei Haixing T22
Jinbei H2L

History of Jinbei Cars

JINBEI Car User Manuals PDF above the page - Sealions 6, Geruisi, Xinhaishi.


Jinbei is a subsidiary of the Chinese holding Brilliance China Automotive, founded in 1992. Together with the German company BMW, the Brilliance Automotive group produces BMW cars specifically for the Chinese market.


In addition, there is Zhonghua's own brand, which produces Hi-Ace minibuses, and Jinbei, which specializes in the production of light trucks and commercial vehicles.


The company produces minibuses under the brands Jinbei and Granse, based on the development of the company Toyota, which were transferred to the company on an agreement on technical cooperation. The Toyota standards guarantee high consumer properties, reliability and trouble-free operation.

Jinbei is the largest truck manufacturer. The company employs more than 2 000 thousand people, and the territory of the plant is 30 thousand square meters.


At the plant there is a first-class press equipment for the production of bodies, a Japanese welding line from Mitsubishi, as well as an advanced Chinese line for painting and assembly. Annually the plant leaves about 60 thousand finished cars.


It is the largest manufacturer in China, producing more than 50 thousand minibuses annually. Also, under the brand name Jinbei since 2002, the sedans Zhonghua and Zunchi are produced, the design of the first one was worked out by the well-known atelier Italdesign.


In the model range there are minibuses of business class, as well as middle class. Thus, the range of Jinbei is oriented both to the passenger and cargo department of commercial vehicles.


Most of the brand's products are exported to more than 20 countries. Much is exported to countries such as Syria, Vietnam.

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