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History begins in June 1850, when a craftsman with two apprentices discovered in the home board of the rural workshop for the production of chaises. Later, they have mastered the production of more complex coaches with different bodies. In 1853 the first factory is being built housing. As a result, in 1858 the company emerged Sustala & Co. After the construction of the railway Studenka - Štramberk new opportunities to expand the company's product sales. Enterprising Ignaz Shustala begins construction of housing for the production of railway wagons, and in 1882 produced the first 15 units.


Release idea Kopřivnice "horseless carriage" belongs to Baron Theodore von Libing. It is recommended that in 1897 Karl Benz to sell one of its latest two-cylinder engine capacity of 7 hp He became the "heart" of the first passenger car Presedent released in the summer of the same year. It is based on lay crew Milord own production. But despite the growing popularity of automobiles, the main products of the company.


The growing demand for passenger and commercial vehicles has led to a complete reorientation of the company and change of brand. Since 1920, the world has become a famous brand TATRA.


The turning point in the concept koprzhivnitskih cars came in the early 20s with the arrival of a young genius designer Hans Ledvinka. In 1923 he designs and builds a small car TATRA 11 with a two-cylinder air-cooled engine opozitnym, with swinging half-axles and the frame in the form of a tube, to which flanges are rigidly attached to the engine gearbox and rear axle final drive. Almost 80 years all cars TATRA designed and manufactured for this scheme.


In the early thirties, the company creates high-end T 70 and T 80 cars in 1934, is born T 77 - high-end limousine with the aerodynamic body and a powerful 8-cylinder air-cooled engine, located behind the rear axle. In 1938, he was replaced 87 T comes with a body more comfortable and more powerful engine. The car stood on the line for almost 20 years and was replaced by the T 603 model.


The history of the family zadnemotornyh cars finished in the late 90-ies of the release of the limousine category "lux" T 700, known as "Czech Rolls Royce» (Manuals page). The decision to not be considered a sign of the crisis of the company minimized the production of cars, as the main activity of the company - production of heavy-duty trucks.

Larger developments marked the history of TATRA trucks. In the thirties produced a family of T 72, T 82 and T 92, constructed according to the scheme typical of firms with a central tube, performing the role of the frame, and Arm. This model served as the basis for dozens of modifications and versions for different purposes. In 1942, the project began production G. Ledvinka truck T 111- first truck with a diesel engine, air-cooled and 6x6.

1967 was a turning point in the history of the company - in Kopřivnice began to issue T 813 KOLOS - powerful car cabover layout.


TATRA continues to improve the design of vehicles produced by it and expand their production. Now the production program of the company consists of 4 family of heavy-duty trucks with high cross.


TERRNo1 - series cabover vehicles that are continuing to modernize family 815-2. They are available in versions with three-way tippers and rear trucks, tractors, platform trucks and a van chassis for installation, construction machinery and special equipment.


T163-3 - revived the family of heavy-duty trucks classic bonnet layout. They are designed for use as a dump truck for heavy off-road conditions.

FORCE - vehicles for use in harsh environments. They can be equipped with airborne platforms such as the army, the container loading system tanks.


ARMAX - special vehicles with the number of axes from two to five, designed for military purposes.