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Morgan Spare Parts Book 1950 - 1968
Morgan Spare Parts Book 1950 - 1968
Morgan Spare_Parts_Book 1950 - 1968.pdf
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Morgan Plus 8 Owner Handbook
Morgan Plus 8 Owner Handbook
Morgan Plus 8 Owner Handbook.pdf
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Morgan Aero
Morgan 4 4 1600 Convertible

History of Morgan Cars

MORGAN Car Manuals PDF above the page - Plus 8.


The British company Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1909 by Henry Morgan for production sports car class luxury. Morgan Company plant is located today in Malvern, central England.


The legendary British brand, which has its pedigree since the 20s of the last century, in 2005 came under the control of the Chinese company NAC, and then became part of the SAIC concern.


Chinese investors have invested about 500 million pounds in the plant, laboratories and design center (of which 5 million in the design center), have recruited a new international team. But many experts remained the old formation - those who developed the MG and Rover cars in the 80-90s, and have been working here for 20-30 years.


The engineers of the British center create the whole stuffing of MG and Roewe cars: engines, transmissions, suspension - all these are products of British developers.


As it turned out, the Shanghai SAIC branch takes minimal participation in this work - they only adapt the units to the production capabilities. Coordinates the work of the British and Shanghai centers.

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