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Bristol 404-405-Introduction
Bristol 404-405-Introduction
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Bristol 407-8-Intro-Engine Manual
Bristol 407-8-Intro-Engine Manual
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Bristol Blenheim
Bristol 410-Drivers-Instruction-Manual
Bristol 410-Drivers-Instruction-Manual
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Bristol Car History

BRISTOL Car Manuals PDF are above the page.


Look above - BRISTOL Car 404, 405, 407, 408, 410 Owner & Service Manuals PDF.


Bristol - the British company that produces cars of the brand of the same name.

 It was founded by Sir George White. Initially, in 1910, it engaged in the production of aircraft.


After the WW2 the company Bristol Aeroplane Co. I received from Germany, in order reparations, extensive technical documentation company in Munich BMW or serial and future vehicles, including sport BMW 327 and BMW 328. It was decided to convert several shops for car production. The company quickly gained an enviable global popularity.


1949 - Bristol began production model 401 aluminum body designed for her Italian company Touring Superlegero. He was placed on a frame of thin steel pipes.


Elegant and well-streamlined Bristol 401 produced until 1953. More successful were the engines, which were used as AC, Fraser Nash, Cooper et al.


1962 - started to put on cars American Motors Chrysler, and then began to use the Italian company Zagato bodywork.


1973 - in order to ensure the autonomy of the company was sold to the rider Tony GRUCA grandson of its founder. 


1992 - came Beaufighter model, Brigand Turbo and Britannia.


1997 - Crook found a new financial partner, who took on the problems associated with the onset of the new millennium.