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Oltcit Wiring Manual
Oltcit Wiring Manual
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History of Oltcit Cars

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The plant was founded in 1976 as the Romanian-French Joint Venture Oltcit (Romanian Government 64% - Citroën 36%).


In 1991 Citroën decided to withdraw from the company of the Romanian state, and Oltcit became Automobile Craiova.


In 1994, South Korean company Daewoo opened a production line and formed a joint venture Daewoo Automobile RomaniaDaewoo becomes the most important foreign investor in the country by creating a joint venture created by Automobile Craiova and South Korea's Daewoo Group.

The plant, with an equal level as in Western Europe, was built to produce more than 100,000 vehicles / year. The Romanian government in 2006 bought shares of the Korean side.


In 2007, Ford offered 57 million euros for a 72.4% stake in Automobile Craiova.


In March 2008, a contract was signed for the acquisition and Ford officially joined Automobile Craiova. As of May 2009, Ford acquired a controlling stake of 95.63% of the company's shares.


Ford spokesman said that they will achieve production of 200,000 cars in the fourth year after privatization, hold a series of investments totaling 800 million, and retain all employees.


In January 2010, Ford took a loan of 400 million euros from the European Investment Bank. The loan will be used to co-finance the project to develop an engine with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and subsequent production at the Craiova plant.

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