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Saker Owners Manual
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Saker Parts Catalogue
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Saker Supercar

History of SAKER Supercars

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In 2001 the Dutch automobile company "Saker" was founded, specializing in the production of sports prototypes and supercars of premium class.


In 2006, the company organized its own racing team, which began to participate in the competition of the Dutch coach championship, and in three years was a confident victory in the personal and team tests.


In 2010, the company Saker introduced two models of road sports cars in the coupe and cabriolet. Under the hoods were installed power units of the brand Spyker, with a capacity of 450 horsepower.


Saker, the Dutch car manufacturer has launched two new race cars exclusively to study the demand: the Saker Rapx and the Sniper with 2.0-liter Subaru engines. New cars have received notable improvements in comparison with the previous series. Weight reduction helped improve the ratio of engine power to vehicle weight.


In addition, new cars will be equipped with a sequential gearbox, which will reduce the switching time. I think that soon we will see how they burn the rubber on the tracks of amateur motor sport.


Their prices are 50,000 euros. While these machines are designed for the European market, but a little later Saker will also release cars for other markets.

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