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Iso Rivolta coupe GT Grifo GL User Manual
Iso rivolta coupe GT grifo GL User Manual
Iso rivolta coupe GT grifo GL User Manua
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History of ISO Cars

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The Italian company Iso began it career as a car manufacturer in the mid 50s with the release of a mini-car with a transparent roof Isetta (as BMW produced under license by the company), but in 1962 it was decided to enter the market of high quality GT car that would Rivolta carried model.


However, only with the release of "Grifo" (a year later, the firm, new to the production of a superclass car really made a name for themselves. In 1963, before the eyes of the visitors another Turin Motor Show presented itself unusual sight.


On the ISO company stand flaunted unusually attractive two-seater sports car. On the aluminum body of the machine, except the logo ISO, was also a model name -. Grifo A3C Letter C Competizione, or "sport".


Grifo name to imply a hidden meaning. The allusion to the mythical griffin - winged creature with an eagle's head and lion's body. According to legend, griffins were implacable enemies of horses. And we all know what a horse is depicted on the emblem of the Ferrari ...


And so was born the prototype, shocked its unpainted body has come to the auto show crowd. Drift body panels were made by masters of the company known body Piero Drogo - Sports Cars. The drawings, which worked tinsmith, developed on the basis of sketches of the Bizzarrini. A scale model of the body was purged in the wind tunnel of the University of Pisa. The drag coefficient was reduced to 0.30.

The extraordinary beauty of the body - is definitely the main feature of the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada (since later became known as the car). Body lower - upper point of the machine only 1110 mm from the surface of the road. Refinement of fine lines slightly swollen fenders emphasize the large cast aluminum alloy wheels with a central nut. Some aggressive plasticity in the whole shape of the car give the numerous vents.


Car Elan stressed handed down the maximum forward and closed transparent fairings headlights, as well as modest (compared to the total length) dimensions of the upper part of the body. But do not forget about the engine, a lot contributed to the achievement of ultrahigh-performance 5300 Strada.


Even in the standard power unit from General Motors volume of 5358 cubic centimeters. developed 365 hp at 7500 rev. / min., Bizzarrini but it was not enough.


The accelerated version with Weber carburetor Holley instead of the usual engine power reaches 405 hp Made Bizzarrini forcing for the racing version of the car included a reduction in the initial compression ratio of 10.5: 1 to the amount of work provides softness gasoline worse in comparison with the American quality, the use of special intake and exhaust manifolds, and a number of high-strength components.


The front suspension was independent lever-spring, with hydraulic shock absorbers, rear made under the scheme De Dion with coil springs and longitudinal bars. Disc brakes with servo amplifiers.

All were released 42 copies 5300 GT coupe - 5 in 1966, 12 in 1967, 17 in 1968 and 8 in 1969

Now this unique machine is almost forgotten.

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