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GAZ Volga 24 (1970)
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History of Volga GAZ Cars

VOLGA Car Manuals PDF above the page - 21, 69, 24, Siber.


Cars GAZ presented in Russia and neighboring countries, the market in various versions and trim levels, allowing you to make a choice that will be the best. Comfort and good car accessories, loading possibilities surprise each driver very nice.


Vans, trucks medium size came into use for a long time, GAZ recognizable in every village of our countries. The clever design and constantly updated specifications allow the use of a car for more than one decade.


Note that GAZ in recent years greatly expanded its borders, and now production is a success, even in Europe. The very first was the brainchild of the famous "Volga", which was considered at the time a very prestigious car, and the space and comfort that is able to ensure that the car can be the envy of many modern vehicles.


Cost effective and easy management, and the ability to carry a variety of cargo, depending on the configuration of the body, allows vehicles to occupy the brand the highest leadership position. Modern appearance, excellent patency and improved equipment makes every model an excellent choice in all conditions.


It is a stable vehicle that proves its credibility for many years. In addition, it is designed for the consumer, and also has an affordable price for the buyer. An excellent style and aerodynamic properties make GAZ competitive market among peers.


Vans and minibuses cargo wing model is a great helper in the organization of transportation of any type, and in different weather conditions. Agility allows the driver to easily pass the most difficult sections of the road for the movement.


GAZ uses CHRYSLER  Engines.

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