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Matra Murena, Bagheera, Espace Brakes Manual
Matra Murena, Bagheera, Espace Brakes Manual
Matra Murena, Bagheera, Espace Brakes Ma
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Matra Rancho
Matra Rancho
Matra 530 SX
Matra 530 SX

History of Matra Cars

The MATRA Car Manual PDF above the page - Murena, Baghira, Espace.


In 1965 the French automobile company Matra was founded, specializing in the production of sports cars.


The company was part of a large aerospace concern, however, despite such support behind them, the first Matra-530 car turned out to be rather weak and was not in demand. During the first two years of participating in prestigious car races, the Matra team managed to score only 8 points, even professionals involved in aerospace projects did not succeed.


The company's management set the task for the team, to fix the situation in 1969, having won at least one podium, otherwise the team will be closed.


Under the leadership of the legendary Scottish rider Jackie Stewart, on the car Matra MS10, equipped with a Ford engine, that season won 6 wins, which provided Stewart the title of world champion, and the French team won the constructors' cup.


However, in 1970 the team could not repeat the success, and two years later it was disbanded. Since the beginning of the 1970s, the company has entered into an alliance with Chrysler-SIMCA, which acquired most of its shares. Very soon a Bagheera model with a transverse engine was launched within the wheelbase.


The basis for designing this car was the Simca-1100, produced at that time in all sorts of modifications. In 1972 the newly created Matra team took part in the Le Mans Marathon, having won in the period from 1972 to 1975, 3 confident victories.

Matra Simca

In parallel, the engineering staff of the racing team was involved in the project to create the first production car of the brand, which became the tourist wagon of Matra Rancho in 1977. The prototype for it was the same Simca-1100, which was mentioned earlier.


It was used parts of the body: the hood, doors, front fenders, windshield, front and rear torsion suspension. The engine at the Mantra Rancho from Talbot is 80 horsepower. This model was produced at a plant in the city of Romorantin-Lanthenay in central France.


The car managed to stay on the conveyor for eight years, and then went into oblivion, together with the firm Matra Auto, which was sold to the Renault concern. In 1988 the company took an active part in the creation of a number of cars for this French brand.

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