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This venerable age - eighty years. It's time to sit on the throne of experience and worldly wisdom, full of insight mouthing maxims for the young so early. But not all life is a chance for such a relaxing pastime in his declining years. Mark the MG, for example, and in this old age have to go all out in trying to elbow, no, do not even make money - to survive.


And on her old it was written, not otherwise. How many obstacles overcome Cecil Kimber, the appointed manager Morris Garages (Morris Cars division) in 1922. But the irrepressible in his quest to make more dynamic car with lightweight body, he persuaded the then leadership of the need to create a separate brand, and two years later was born MG octagon with letters inside.


And five years later I was born the most famous creation of the brand - a light MG Midget, the rightful heir of which is present on our pages roadster TF. Which cost only 175 pounds machine also has a two-seater roadster, the appearance of which did not remain without attention of the press: Autocar, for example, presciently noted that this car will take up-worthy place in the history of motorsport.


The success of the car did not go unnoticed for William Morris, who immediately took his place at the head of the newly formed company MG Car Company Limited.


He later sold the company back to Morris Motors, put at the head of his "right hand", Leonard Lord and Kimber directly subordinated to him. Lord of life, first ruined Kimber, covering sports office, and then, in 1941, the general dismissed him because of disagreements. He lived without their offspring long - died in 1944 in a train accident.


Along with Cecil left the era of dynamic development and big victories in the famous Mille Miglia races and Tourist Trophy, and it's survival time - after the war, everyone needed a cheap "self-moving carriage." Company once again lucky with the engineer: to Y-type model front suspension developed the infamous Alec Issigonis.


But this, however, can be called a spoon of honey in a barrel of tar, because in the early fifties MG "merged" with the Austin brand into one company - British Motor Corporation.

Yet he managed to convince, and among mass models, cloned by "badge-engineering" (as MG Magnette III), and there were interesting roadsters MGAMGB, and the MGC, festbek MGB GT, as well as new small Midget. In 1968, BMC company joined JaguarTriumph and Rover as part of British Leyland, where the famous brand virtually allocated budget.


After the nationalization of the whole company and the closing of the plant, which produces the MG, a child car Kimber forgotten until 1982, when Leyland decided to hang up the logo on about "evil" version of Metro small car, and then with Maestro Montego.


These are not too impressive machines helped the brand stay afloat and given the opportunity to create exciting new roadster. With the model MG RV8 attempt was not very successful, but the following year, after in 1994 Rover Group (British Leyland heir) was sold to BMW, was born MGF model - a real "ray of light in the darkness."


But, despite the fact that these machines sold well, the financial position of the whole group is constantly deteriorating, and the Germans considered the best to get rid of this unbearable burden. As a result, Rover and MG were sold to a consortium of artificially created "Phoenix" for a symbolic one pound.


The new company, now called the MG Rover, has been actively make up for lost time was released a new version of the roadster MGF, then it's time, and his successor, the model MG TF, sold well "charged" version of the Rover 25, 45 and 75 (MG ZR, ZS and ZT). The first time in years, it was announced the purchase Qvale Italian company and at the same time its roadster Mangusta - it formed the basis of brutal MG ZP  SV.


Machines with the famous logo is now good and act in the rally and touring car racing. Yet the company's future is hardly anyone will predict that the financial condition of MG Rover is still not optimistic, according to rumors, all is not well within the company.


A deal with the Indian company Tata, with Malaysians of Proton and is not named yet by a Chinese company left open the question of how it will look lineup MG Rover in the future. With confidence we can say is that no matter how things will go at the Rover, the MG brand does not perish in the depths of the financial problems and survive - for eighty years, she just learned to do it.

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