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Goggomobil T TL TS 250 300 400 Parts Manual
Goggomobil T TL TS 250 300 400 Parts Manual
Goggomobil T TL TS 250 300 400 Parts Man
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History of Goggomobil Cars

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In 1955, the Goggomobil company was founded, at the origins of which was the ambitious engineer and industrialist Hans Glas.


The company chose the creation of unusual micro-mobiles as its direction and quickly gained great popularity throughout Europe. The first model of the brand, the Goggomobile T250, was introduced in the same year. The body was made in the style of the Volkswagen Beetle, but received a more streamlined form.


Under the hood was a two-stroke 0.3-liter motorcycle engine with 13 hp.


In 1956, it was modernized - opening windows appeared, a reinforced engine and a more advanced ventilation system.


In addition, during the same period, the main company of Hans Glas began production of small vans based on the T250, with a more powerful 16-hp engine.


In 1958, the T400 sedan (Glas Goggomobile) was introduced, which received a power unit with a capacity of 22 hp and a longitudinal distribution.

The car was designed for 4 people and could reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. However, sales of civilian sedans did not cover the costs of their production, gradually displacing them from the assembly line in favor of the Glas compact trucks.


In the early sixties, the company, specifically for entering the US market, developed the Gogglemobil Coupé - a powerful micro coupe that belongs to the category of elite sports microcars.


And finally, the most original model is the Goggomobil Dart. A car with a gorgeous smile :) Dart was focused on sales in Australia. The design was also made by an Australian. In total, a little more than 700 such cars were produced.


By 1966, production at the Goggomobil enterprises was completely scaled down, and the Bavarian BMW became the new owner of the company, which planned to create a new motorcycle brand on the basis of the plant, resuming production of the Goggomobil.


With a new power unit with a capacity of 25 hp, which was planned to be installed on the company's light motorcycles.


However, already in 1969 the plant was completely closed.

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