HAIMA Car Service Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagrams

Haima freema
Haima 7

History of Haima Cars

HAIMA Car Service Manuals PDF above the page - 7, S3, M3, S5.


Chinese car firm Haima is a subsidiary of FAW Group was established in 1998. The Company had cooperation with a Japanese Mazda, which led Haima to leading positions in sales of cars.


The company has a good relationship with the German Lotus as well as with well-known designers from Italy.


But since 2006 the company began to produce cars for sale under its own logo. And since 2007 the company began to produce their own car to the overseas market. And today cars of this brand can be found on the roads of the world.


The company since 2008 has started construction of its second plant for the production of cars and engines. And by 2010, it has helped to increase the full capacity almost doubled.


And in order to fully enhance the quality of products the firm has developed a specialized scientific - research center, which allowed immediately identify any inaccuracies in the details and vehicle assembly. And so the cars of this brand have become the highest quality after such inspections.

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