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OPEL Car Fault Codes DTC

OPEL Car Fault Codes DTC - Astra H, J, G, Zafira B, Vectra, Omega B, Corsa D, Insignia, Meriva, Antara, Mokka, Frontera.


OPEL Common Faults


000000 If the characters "000000" appeared immediately after the start of auto diagnostics, this indicates that there are no problems in the vehicle.


(00502) The code indicates a general malfunction in the ABS system. In order to "cure" the problem, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics of the control module of the anti-lock system.


(065070) Code for Opel Astra G or Corsa D reports a malfunction in the transmission unit. The combination stands for “Damage to the Trouble Indicator Light (MIL) Power Line”. In fact, the malfunction may be associated with the operation of the gearbox control unit, but first you need to diagnose all the wires connected to the module.

P0700 Combination 0700 indicates a general malfunction in the gearbox. For more accurate information about the malfunctions, a detailed diagnosis of the unit will be required. It is necessary to check the operation of the box control unit, as well as all the wires and sensors connected to it.

P0704 Another format:

70405; 070405. The code is related to a malfunction of the cruise control system. It requires checking the control unit and the diagnosis of the steering switch to adjust the parameters of the mechanism. It is possible to disconnect the contacts on the steering wheel.

P1530 Malfunction of a climate control system

P1895 Symbols P1895 indicate a malfunction in the transmission unit. A complete check of the gearbox is required, in particular, you need to verify the integrity of all wires.

P0351; P0352; P0353 Another format:

35,108; 35,208; 35308. Codes indicates a general malfunction in the ignition system. With this error, check all connectors with cables coming from the distributor. Also, candles, coils and high-voltage wires are subject to diagnosis.

InSP This code can be displayed as 1n5p, it appears to remind you to perform maintenance on the car. To reset an inscription, the following actions are performed:

- In the car, the ignition system is turned off.

- The odometer button is clamped and held.

- After a few seconds, the display will show the maintenance intervals. The button should be kept pressed. At the same time, the gas pedal is depressed.

- The key in the lock scrolls to turn on the ignition.

- The InSp indicator will blink on the screen. After a few seconds, it should disappear.


(56471) The literal translation of the error is "the malfunction of the interface of the automatic speed-maintaining device is a problem with the cruise in the car." The problem should be sought in the switch off and on modes or limit switch.

OPEL Faulty camshaft and crankshaft controllers


P0010 The code may be:

001004; 1004. The combination indicates a malfunction in the camshaft controller. If the sensor fails, the car engine will not start. Two controllers can be installed in the machine, it is necessary to test each of them.

P0100, P0101 Errors can occur in the form of:

0100; 010006; 10006. Codes P0100 and 0101 appear as a result of failure of the mass air flow sensor. The device could break or clog, so it will need to be replaced or cleaned.

P0105 (010501) The code reports the failure of the air pressure sensor in the intake manifold

P0115 Another format:

011514; 011517. The code indicates a malfunction in the coolant controller. The sensor is subject to detailed diagnosis and replacement in the event of a breakdown.

P0335 The appearance of code 0335 is due to the absence or incorrect signal from the crankshaft sensor. The problem may be related to the failure of the controller itself or clogged contacts on the connection block. A detailed check of the controller, cleaning of its connector is required. If during the diagnosis, insulation damage or a conductor fracture was detected, then the electrical circuit changes.

P0340 Combinations can be displayed in variations:

0340; 030401; 034004. Code P0340 indicates a malfunction of the camshaft sensor. The corrective actions are performed similarly as in the case with the crankshaft controller.


- Diagnose the operation of the device itself. If the sensor is defective, it must be replaced.

- Perform an integrity check on the wires connected to the device. Damaged electrical circuits, as well as cables with worn insulation, are replaced with new ones.

- Test the integrity of the plug and make sure the contact elements are working. If required, the block itself changes.

P0365 The code may be:

3650; 36504; 036504. The code reports a malfunction of the crankshaft sensor, possible causes of the problem:

- breakdown of the controller itself;

- clogging of contact elements on the block with wires supplying the regulator;

- damage to sensor cables;

- "Glitches" in the operation of the control unit.

In practice, the first option is most often found. To fix the problem, you need to find the controller and disconnect the wires from it, and then clean the connectors. The sensor itself is located in the engine compartment, so it may become dirty during movement.

OPEL Lambda probe malfunctions


P0130 (013001) The combination 0130 indicates the failure of the first lambda probe. It is necessary to verify in detail the operation of the oxygen controller and change it if necessary.

P0134 (01345E) Code 0134 indicates the failure of one of the oxygen sensors. To determine the cause in detail, you need to test the operation of all lambda probes.

P0136, P0135 The combination may occur in the form of:

0136; 13504; 13601; 13602; 13604; 13611; 013504; 013604; 013611; 013601; 013602.

Codes report a malfunction in the oxygen sensor circuit. Possible failure of the heating element. A detailed wiring integrity diagnosis is required.

P0141 (014104) Faulty lambda probe number 2.


OPEL Faulty engine and ABS sensors


P0597 Combinations can be displayed in variations:

59761; 59704; 059704; 059761; 059701.

Code P0597 indicates freezing of the antifreeze flow control valve. An error often occurs after replacing the coolant. A detailed diagnosis of the device is required, and if the valve sticks in fact, then it must be changed.

P1101 Faulty intake air ventilation valve. If error 1101, you need to check the operation of the device for sticking in one of the positions. The occurrence of P1101 may be due to damage to the valve, so replacement of the device will be required.

P1125 Failure of the throttle sensor It is possible that the controller is in good working order, but the assembly itself is jammed in the open or closed position. It is necessary to check the mechanism and the sensor.

P1151 (11517) The code reports a malfunction in the thermostat sensor. The unit may not work correctly (do not open a small or large cooling circle). Perhaps the problem is the sticking of the thermostat valve, but this is a less likely option.

P1191 (119167) A combination of characters indicates a malfunction in the pressure sensor installed in the fuel tank

P1606 (160638) Knock controller defective.

P2108 (210870) The meaning of the code is an error in the throttle response or in its control. It is also recommended to check the candles and the operation of sensor.

C0035 Break in the power line of the ABS controller mounted on the left front wheel

C1222 Damage to the wiring of the anti-lock brake sensor mounted on the front right wheel

C1500 Incorrect signal coming from the moment controller. It is possible to disconnect the device as a result of the discharge of the battery or poor-quality contact of the terminal clamps with the terminals. If the device is charged, then you need to diagnose the steering wheel position controller, as well as its cable with the block. The sensor itself is located in the steering column.

OPEL Electrical problems


P0009 Another format:

000970; 0970; 970

Lack of communication between control modules. If after dialing the contact between the blocks was detected, then one of the devices must be replaced.

P0010 The code 0010 is literally translated as an increased voltage in the electrical circuit of the intake camshaft timing stage

P0013 Combination P0013 reports damage to the solenoid valve control circuit of the phase control drive unit. Checking the camshaft as well as its gears is required.

P0036 (003608)

Code 0036 indicate a failure in the wiring of the lambda probe heater. The malfunction may be due to physical damage to the circuit or the controller itself. It is necessary to check all oxygen sensors and the quality of their connection.

P0075 (007506) Code 0075 indicate a low voltage in the solenoid valve control circuit. You need to check the wiring connected to each device.

P0110 The code may be:

11014; 011014.

A malfunction on the Opel Zafira A can manifest itself in the form of codes. The problem indicates a low or high signal coming from the start air temperature controller. A complete diagnosis of the device and its replacement is required. In practice, an error often manifests itself as a result of disconnecting the sensor block without disconnecting the battery terminal.

P0230 (023005)

Malfunction of a fuel pump power circuit. On some Opel Meriva D models with a diesel engine, the code may indicate a fuse that is responsible for the operation of the pump device.

P0415 (41572)

Secondary air system switch valve B circuit malfunction. It is necessary to clean the contacts and check the correct connection of the vacuum tubes. If this does not help, then the valve should be changed.

P0480, P0481, P0482 Codes can be:

48006; 048106; 48106; 048206; 48206.

The code indicates a malfunction in the radiator cooling fan control line. The device itself can be triggered, but independently shut off when switching to enhanced mode of operation. To reset the error, do the following:

- Check the fan itself, in particular its electric motor. If the motor is inoperative, it must be replaced.

- You can dismantle the device, disassemble it and carefully inspect all structural components.

- Damaged parts are changed or soldered.

- Run wiring diagnostics. If the insulation layer is damaged, a short circuit in the system is possible, which will lead to unstable operation of the fan.

- Disconnect the power connector and clean it. It happens that due to the splashing out of antifreeze from the expansion tank, the liquid enters the block and causes a short circuit. You need to deal with the problem of leakage of consumables and replace the connector by soldering.

- Check the operation of all fuses and relays.

P0530 Errors can be displayed in variations:

053003; 53006; 053006.

Code 0530 indicates a malfunction of the cruise control system, possible causes:

- failure of one of the sensors (circuit diagnostics and contact cleaning are performed to eliminate);

- malfunction of the control unit of the cruise control system;

- damage to wires or pads connected to the control module;

- system steering switch malfunction (also check the contacts).

P0560 Another format:

56003; 056003.

The code indicates a low voltage in the mains. The cause must be sought in the generator or battery.

P0570 Code 0570 stands for Cruise Control Acceleration Failure

P0571 (057108)

On the Opel Astra H13 and other models, code 0571 indicates a malfunction in the brake light switch line. Verification of wiring is required from the pedal to the fuse box, as well as from the mounting module to the taillights.

P0683 The code may be:

068304; 068302.

The code indicates a malfunction in the electrical circuit of the glow plug. It is necessary to check the integrity of the wires, make sure that there are no kinks or signs of damage to the insulation. If defects are found, the electrical circuits must be replaced.

P1113 (111306)

Code P1113 reports an increased voltage in the electrical circuit of the twinport position controller (hole deactivation). Description of the main ways to fix the problem:

- checking high-voltage candles and cleaning them from traces of soot and plaque;

- diagnostics of the integrity of high-voltage wires and their replacement if necessary;

- checking the integrity of the distributor, its contacts and the quality of cable connections;

- ignition coil diagnostics.

P1120, P2120, (212052)

These error codes mean that the cause of the problem is due to dampening or clogging of the contacts on the electronic gas pedal. If a malfunction appeared once on the dashboard of cars of 2006 or other years of manufacture, the owner should wait until the contact elements dry out. If this does not help, you need to turn off the power to the pedal and dry it yourself, or replace the device or sensor.

P1405 Code 1405 reports the absence of a feedback signal from the USR valve. A detailed check of the device is required and its replacement if necessary.

P0140 Code Options:

14070; 014070. The code reports an illegal oxygen sensor signal

P0141 (14104) Code 0141 indicates an open or damaged electrical circuit of the oxygen controller's heating device. Either this is a sensor breakdown, or a “glitch” in its operation. First of all, it is recommended to check the operation of the corresponding fuse installed in the control unit. If all the elements are intact, the contacts are diagnosed with an oxygen sensor; in case of damage or oxidation, they are replaced or cleaned. If these steps did not resolve the problem, a new controller is installed.

P1112 (111261) Problems with voltage to the intake air sensor. You need to use a multimeter to find out the operating parameter on the wires. The appearance of code 1112 may be due to the failure of the controller itself.

P1590 Overvoltage in the electrical circuit of the vacuum solenoid valve. A possible cause of P1590 may be a shorted wire.

P1607 Code 1607 indicates a malfunction of the clutch actuator. It is necessary to check the unit, in particular, its brushes, the latter change with wear. You should also run a drive test, evaluate its operation - the unit should not jam; check voltage.

P1612 Immobilizer failure or incorrect signal from the device. Diagnostics of the node control unit is required, verification of all contacts and wire integrity.

P1614 The code may be:

161400; 161450

The code appears as a result of the lack of communication between the immobilizer and the chip installed in the key. If the engine lock is keyless, then the problem may be in the electronic tag. It is necessary to check the battery in the key and diagnose the immobilizer control unit. The error may occur as a result of installing a security system on the vehicle with automatic engine start.

P1616 (161600)

The code stands for "Invalid ID received from the electric steering column control unit." Verification of the module, as well as the quality of communication with the device is required. The cause of the problem may be damage to one of the wires connected to the unit.

P1630 The control module receives an incorrect signal from the fuel quantity solenoid valve. With such a problem, incorrect data on the amount of fuel in the tank may be displayed on the dashboard.

P1700 (170000)

The combination of 1700 manifests itself in vehicles with automatic transmission (automatic transmission) and is usually accompanied by tremors during the ride. The cause of the malfunction may be damage or decay of the cables that go to the transmission lever. To find the problem, you should check all structural elements of the unit for defects. In some cases, the reason is electronics.

P1723 Failure of the control relay by an automatic transmission or damage to its electrical circuit. It is necessary to check the contact elements on the device.

P1734 On the Opel Corsa D and other models can be decoded as "adaptation of the set point is not completed / completed." The error is typical for robotic gearboxes. It is unlikely to be able to independently determine the cause of the malfunction, so a more detailed diagnosis of the transmission will be required. A possible problem may be the disconnection of the contacts from the box control unit.

P1735 Literal decoding of the combination - "gearbox parameters not learned." The car owner needs to diagnose the transmission control unit and check its contact with the power supply. Damaged wires are replaced with new ones.

P2102, P2103, (210300)

Malfunction in a chain of the electric motor of a drive of a butterfly valve.

U2102, U2103, U2105

Lack of communication with CAN-Bus. When the code 2103 appears, a detailed diagnosis of the electronic component of the vehicle is required.

P2120, (212006)

The code appears as a result of clogging or damping of the electronic accelerator pedal. The “Check Engine” error may light up briefly on the instrument panel and disappear on its own if the contacts on the device dry out. If the indicator is constantly on, you will need to disassemble the pedal and clean its contact pad. The malfunction may also lie in the sensor itself installed on the device.

P2182 Another format:

218217; 218214.

The CAP code can literally be deciphered as "the circuit of the refrigerant temperature controller is outside the operating range." In fact, the controller readings diverge from the normalized ones stored in the memory of the engine control unit. Ultimately, the power unit cannot reach the operating temperature, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption during driving. Possible causes and solutions:

- Bad sensor. Most likely, the device cannot be repaired, so it will have to be changed.

- Moisture on the device connector. To fix the problem, you can extend the wires supplying the controller. This will lead to a loop with which moisture will drain.

- Replace the pads. Liquid enters the plug contacts through a damaged or worn seal, which leads to their destruction.

P1811 Code 1811 means there is no signal about the engine torque coming from the CAN module

P0621 Errors can occur in the form of:

62104; 62103; 062103; 062104; 062108.

The code reports an incorrect voltage on the vehicle's electrical system. Typically, the Check Engine in such cases lights up with a low battery indicator on the control panel. However, the problem may be related to the generator device, in particular, its diode bridge or voltage regulator. A possible reason is sometimes the oxidation of the contacts of the generator or the decay of its wiring, so first of all, you need to check these components.

U0009 Auto-digital CAN bus mismatch as a result of battery shutdown while the engine is running. The appearance of the code may be due to problems in the electronics or the operation of the control unit. In practice, an error usually disappears on its own after a certain time.

U0073 Disabled data transfer on the microprocessor module bus. It is necessary to check the integrity of all wires connected to the unit. Damaged electrical circuits must be replaced.

U0100 Lack of communication with the powertrain control module

U0101 System error indicating lack of communication between the ECM and the TCM.

U0121, U2108 A data bus malfunction, in particular, the microprocessor module cannot determine the connection with the anti-lock system control unit. ABS failure when driving on ice.

U0140 Communication with the body control unit is lost

U1000 Error code 1000 indicates a lack of communication with the control module of the power unit as a result of a violation of the transmission of information via the CAN interface. The problem may be a malfunction of the electronic key control unit, body or engine. There are two methods to troubleshoot:

- Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 10 minutes or more. Sometimes power deactivation in the on-board network can solve the problem of a failure of the electronics.

- Run CAN bus diagnostics. It is necessary to check the integrity of all contacts and wires. The problem may be a software failure, then it can only be solved by making changes to the firmware.

U2100 Error translation - “lack of communication with the CIM bus”. The cause of the malfunction must be sought in the generator device, in particular, in its contact with the on-board network. A possible problem may be the relay regulator of the installation. The code can be displayed as 65070 characters.

U2103 Lack of communication with CAN-BUS interface. Check tire integrity.

C0561 Invalid signal received from TCM module.

OPEL Engine malfunctions


P0011 The code may be:

001161; 1161; 1166; 001166 001166; 01161.

Error 0011 often pops up after replacing the timing belt. The appearance of this code is due to incorrect distribution phases. To eliminate the malfunction, the user must diagnose the correctness of the installed shafts (combine the marks on the crankshaft and camshaft). In some cases, the reason is the malfunctioning of the solenoid valves.

P0014 Combinations can be displayed in variations:

001462; 001466; 1462; 1463; 1466; 01463; 001463.

The decoding of code 0014 on the Opel Astra Z16XEP and other models is a malfunction of the solenoid valves of the camshaft phase shifters of the motor. To solve the problem, you need to clean the contact elements. If these steps did not help to fix the malfunction, then the valves are replaced together with the camshaft gears. With such a problem, difficulties in starting the engine are possible.

P0017 Incorrect position of the crankshaft and camshaft. Diagnostics of the sensors of both nodes is required, as well as a check of gear integrity.

P0068 Another format:

006800; 6800

The code needs to be read as “throttle assembly malfunction." With such a problem, jumps in idle speed of the engine are possible, as well as an increase in fuel consumption. A possible cause may be damage to the plastic valve cover, which led to air leaking into the crankcase of the power unit.

P0170 Codes can be in variations:

17011; 017012; 17012; 017011

Code 0170 may indicate that the microprocessor module recorded errors during the formation of a combustible mixture in the engine cylinders. The power unit may function unstably at idle and during movement. Items to check:

- mass air flow sensor (clean the regulator with a special tool or change it);

- oxygen controller (check power and replace if necessary);

- engine compression;

- air filter element.

P0171 (017152) Combination 0171 reports the depletion of the combustible mixture. A mistake can be accompanied by an increase in fuel consumption, especially when idling (consumption can increase up to 2-3 liters). Most likely, the reason is a malfunction of the vacuum brake booster membrane, due to which air leaks into the power unit. The problem may be accompanied by abnormal sounds in the operation of the amplifier device. To fix the malfunction, it will be necessary to replace the vacuum amplifier assembly. In addition to this node, the causes of the problem can be as follows:

- clogged injection nozzles;

- malfunction of the oxygen controller.

P0299 The appearance of the code P0299 may be due to the following reasons:

- failure or incorrect operation of the engine turbine or blower device;

- reduced pressure of the engine oil in the power unit;

- incorrect operation of the USR system;

- excess air is detected in the intake manifold or its flow is limited (due to clogged air filter);

- damage to the boost pressure controller (the most likely option, you need to check the sensor).;

- the appearance of this code is due to the following features;

- the “Check” indicator appeared on the dashboard;

- it is possible to limit the speed of movement to 40 km / h;

- power unit reduction;

- the appearance of noise from under the hood (malfunction of the compressor device or turbine).

P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303 Errors may be:

30101; 030101; 0302; 30201; 30301; 30401; 030104; 030301; 030201;

Code 0300 indicates common misfire in one of the engine cylinders. 0301, 0302 and 0303 - indicate, respectively, that the error in the first, second and third cylinder. To eliminate the cause, you need to check the compression and all the sensors that affect the formation of the air-fuel mixture. Means:

- air mass meter;

- oxygen controller;

The air filter should also be diagnosed; defective elements must be replaced.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

- failure of the ignition module, damage to its housing or disconnection of contacts;

- failure of high-voltage wires or wear of their insulation;

- broken spark plugs or carbon deposits on them.

P0400 Code 0400 reports a failure in the exhaust gas recirculation system. To resolve the problem, you need to check the integrity and tightness of the nozzles of the node, if necessary, damaged lines are changed.

P0402 (40274) The code indicates the excess gas flow in the recirculation system.

P0420 Codes may appear as:

04205A; 0425A; 042052.

Malfunction 0420 reports problems with the operation of the catalyst. In case of error 4205A, the unit is subject to complete diagnostics and replacement in case of failure.

P1220 Malfunction throttle control system. With an error of 1220, the assembly is subject to diagnostics; if the mechanism is jammed in the open or closed position, it must be lubricated.

P2119 (211965)

Code 2119 indicate a malfunction in the throttle control system. Possible damage to the device body or malfunction of the sensor. Also, the cause may be sticking of the shutter in the open or closed position.

P2101 (210111)

The appearance of the combination P2101 reports a malfunction of the throttle assembly, in particular, its electric motor. It is necessary to check the damper itself and make sure that it does not stick in the open or closed position when moving. In some cases, the lubrication of the device will allow solving the problem, but most likely, the motor itself will have to be changed.

P2261 Malfunction of the vacuum tank of the bypass valve, damage is possible. The tank is located behind the intake manifold, in the central part. To fix the error, the first thing to do is check the integrity of the tank. To do this, you need to blow through the pipes, but you need to remember that the defect can be insignificant and invisible at first glance. If there is a hole in the tank, it will have to be changed.

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