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This ultra-compact electric car, produced since 2012, can easily solve all traffic problems in densely populated cities. Unlike anything other than the appearance of this "kid" and excellent dynamic characteristics make the Renault Twizy very brisk and noticeable to everyone even in the narrowest places.


Renault Twizy is one of the first mass production electric cars from the famous French manufacturer. In the eyes immediately rushes car unusual and rather bizarre, atypical for many, appearance. Doors go up, but do not open, as usual.


The body is very compact - the length is only 234 centimeters, and in width this kid is 124 centimeters. All who first saw this mini-car, were sure that the French made it for one passenger. But this is not so. Distances of 124 centimeters should be enough for two people. To manage this car, you must have an open category "B" in the driver's license. But in the series there is a younger brother of an electric car with less power, for the management of which no rights are needed.


What is surprising is the wheels. With a body of this size, they look just huge, although their diameter is only 15 inches. Of the features can be identified mirrors. They are equipped with heating. However, with regard to adjustments, the French decided to save money. All settings are completely mechanical. Even more - to adjust the mirror, engineers did not provide any pens. You need to press your fingers in the direction you want to turn the mirror. This is inconvenient, but it's not a simple car, so you'll have to put up with it. The wheels rotate due to the power plant, the power is 5 or 17 horsepower. Here it is necessary to say that this is a city car intended for civilized Europe.


The front part is highlighted by two round headlights-eyes. Between them a chrome logo was placed. The windshield of small sizes is cleaned only by one janitor. There is a small hatch on the front part. Under it is the tank, where the liquid is poured for the windshield washer. There is also a cable with an ordinary plug for a household outlet.

Renault Twizy

The same outlet on all modern home appliances - it's convenient. The doors of this electric car open very uncommon even for Europeans. And they open up, like a racing car. To do this, you need to press in the salon a special handle (there are no usual elements on the doors outside).


The interior is very ascetic. At close examination of interior it seems, that the most expensive is a wheel. He's really stylish. But this "Renault", could do something more interesting and rich. The interior is painted in blue. This French automaker emphasizes that the car is as environmentally friendly as possible.


The driver's seat is surprisingly stiff and ... rubbery, or something. Long to sit on it is very difficult. But it's a city car, manufacturers will say, - the car is not designed for long trips. And this is a fact. As for the rear row, the passenger behind will have to be much worse than the driver.

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