Porsche expands the network of charging stations for electric cars


The first charging stations for electric cars from Porsche showed the five lightest cars in the history of the company Porsche showed the five lightest cars for the history of Porsche company will earn in Berlin. In the future, the company will expand the network, said project manager Stefan Weckbach.


It noted that the charging stations will quickly charge cars up to a power reserve of 250 km after a 20-minute session. But this will require the expansion of infrastructure in the US and Europe.

Porsche Mission E

In Berlin there are stations with a capacity of 350 kW, and you can connect the car with a 400-volt charging cable with liquid cooling. In addition to the future electric car Porsche gave a "green light" Mission E. Mission E on refueling can be recharged and older and less powerful electric drives.


In the near future such filling stations will appear in Atlanta.


Porsche confirmed the development of the first serial electric car Mission E is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of more than 600 hp. (440 kW) and has a power reserve of more than 500 km on one charge. With such characteristics, the sports car accelerates from one place to 100 in 3.5 seconds. A representative of the company noted that unlike Tesla, the novelty is capable of maintaining maximum speed and responsive to acceleration.

Porsche missionE

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