New Cars · 18. November 2017
Stonic, created on the platform of the new Kia Rio, looks more aggressive and emotional, attracting attention with sharp body lines, expressive projection front and LED tail lights, and a bright color scheme. When it comes to Kia Stonic, the words "style" and "practicality" can be safely put in one row. The car was spacious in terms of class B-SUV salon, in which people of different builds will feel comfortable and cozy.
Retro · 12. November 2017
Messerschmitt KR200 was a three-wheeled motocross designed by an air engineer Fritz Fend and built from 1955 to 1964 at the German factory Messerschmitt, which was known for the production of military aircraft. At that time, Messerschmitt was temporarily prohibited from engaging in the construction of aviation equipment, and for this reason engineers turned to civil needs and sought fame in the automotive industry.
Retro · 05. November 2017
The first BMW Isetta appeared in April 1955. It was a BMW-modernized Italian Iso Isetta, the main design elements of which remained intact, but the car was radically modernized, and the front suspension was also changed. On BMW Isetta installed a more reliable, single-cylinder four-stroke engine M240 built on the basis of the power unit from the motorcycle BMW R25 / 3.
Retro · 05. November 2017
In 1967, in the Canadian city of Montreal, Alfa Romeo showed one of the most magnificent cars in its history. Although the release of this model was started three years later, and already as a serial car the novelty was shown in Geneva, and not in Canada, its name was given to an Italian beauty in honor of the city where it could be seen for the first time - Montreal.
New Cars · 15. October 2017
In Latvia, not far from Riga, the supercar Himera-Q, created by the Ukrainians, was seen. Most likely, the prototype model will participate in one of the auto show. Thus, we can assume that the Ukrainian development was decided to be shown in Europe. Ukrainian supercar was seen on the trailer, that is before us showcar, shown in Kiev at the New Cars Fest-2017.
New Cars · 21. September 2017
Renault added a 165-horsepower gasoline engine to the Kadjar crossover line. And the diesel version has got a new transmission for this model. Retaining the former appearance of the model and interior design, the French focused on the motor line. To the existing 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine TCe (130 hp, 205 Nm) and supercharged diesels 1.5 dCi (110 hp, 260 Nm) and 1.6 dCi (130 hp, 320 Nm) was joined by a 1.6-liter petrol "quartet" TCe with a power of 165 hp, developing 240 N · m of torque.