Electrocar · 22. January 2018
This ultra-compact electric car, produced since 2012, can easily solve all traffic problems in densely populated cities. Unlike anything other than the appearance of this "kid" and excellent dynamic characteristics make the Renault Twizy very brisk and noticeable to everyone even in the narrowest places. Renault Twizy is one of the first mass production electric cars from the famous French manufacturer.
Electrocar · 20. January 2018
Slowly but surely, the car market turns to a cheaper and more environmentally friendly form of energy - electricity. Now electric cars make the majority of known automobile brands: BMW, Honda, Nissan, Tesla Motors, Toyota and others. The news is full of information about the structure and features of these machines. But there is not much information about their "refueling". Many believe that charging a car with an electric motor is a troublesome and long-term business.
Electrocar · 17. January 2018
Company Fisker, founded by Henrik Fisker, presented a prototype of the electric car EMotion. The presentation of the model took place at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES, which is now taking place in Las Vegas. Sedan Fisker EMotion is built on a carbon-aluminum platform and is equipped with butterfly doors - the front and rear doors go up. The length of the model is 5085 millimeters, the height is 1465, and the wheelbase is equal to 3018 millimeters.
Electrocar · 25. December 2017
While some people call LeEco's initiative to develop a series E-class electric car along with the projects of its Faraday Future subsidiary, a soap bubble and loud ambitions, supported in reality by only non-functional concepts, the manufacturer himself is now demonstrating to the world community a pre-series prototype. An updated version of the stylish liftback with an electric motor, called LeSEE Pro, the developers brought to Los Angeles.
Electrocar · 17. December 2017
At the CES-2018 electronics show in Las Vegas, the Chinese Byton SIV electric locomotive with an innovative autopilot system will be introduced. Sales of the model should begin in 2019, and its value will be 300 thousand yuan ($ 45 thousand). The design of Byton SIV is still kept secret, and therefore presented only a few teasers of the model. On the images you can see the original LED optics. It is known that the length of the car will be 4800 mm, and the wheelbase - 2950 mm.