Renault added a 165-horsepower gasoline engine

Renault added a 165-horsepower gasoline engine to the Kadjar crossover line. And the diesel version has got a new transmission for this model.


Retaining the former appearance of the model and interior design, the French focused on the motor line. To the existing 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine TCe (130 hp, 205 Nm) and supercharged diesels 1.5 dCi (110 hp, 260 Nm) and 1.6 dCi (130 hp, 320 Nm) was joined by a 1.6-liter petrol "quartet" TCe with a power of 165 hp, developing 240 N · m of torque. The new engine will be equipped with a top version of the updated crossover, accelerating from a place to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 205 km / h. Work the new "Quartet" will be only with "mechanics", while the 1.2-liter TCe is paired with a manual gearbox or a preselective "robot".

Renault Kadjar

The characteristics of the 1.6 dCi turbodiesel have not changed, but it will work with a six-speed mechanics or a new X-Tronic variator. Kadjar with stepless transmission can only be front-wheel drive. The maximum speed of the crossover in this configuration is 188 km / h. Acceleration to the first "hundred" takes 11.1 seconds. Similar indicators (190 km / h and 10 s) in the 130-strong version with a manual transmission.


Renault Kadjar takes place in the line of crossovers between the compact Kaptur and the large Koleos. A five-door crossover based on Nissan Qashqai has been built and is on sale in the European market since 2015, but the pleasant interior and 200 mm clearance did not help him achieve the popularity of the "Japanese" relative. According to statistics in 2016 in Europe, 233 500 Nissan Qashqai and only 130 thousand Renault Kadjar were sold. It is unlikely that the appearance of the modernized version of the "five-door" can fundamentally affect the situation, but the car itself will certainly become more interesting.

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